#176 : Book Review : Destined by Rubina Ramesh

As the world around me rang in the New year with fireworks and celebrations, I curled up inside the comfortable quilt in my tiny hotel room’s bed with this very book and a steaming cup of Earl Grey tea. 4 hours into the dawn, I was done with the book. What a way to begin the new year!


Esha Mehra, the protagonist, is a young woman with dreams and aspirations of marrying the man she loves and progressing in her career just like her peers. Her dreams are shattered when her family is struck by tragedy yet again. Her father is diagnosed with cancer. Esha is forced to choose between her father and love.

The story progressed in a break neck speed right from the start. No halt, no pause and no beating around the bush with eloquent waxing. Not that I had a problem with the pacing, just that one part of me wished that the writer should have taken it a bit more slower. For example, the break up phase was way too quick for my taste. It would have been a bit more realistic if Esha were to mop about it for a while. After all she was breaking up with her friend turned boyfriend. People don’t get over that quickly. I also felt that the writer has handled one issue women face – the choice between parents and their love life – with kid gloves. Esha didn’t really eloquently wax about that part of her feeling for me. Yet again, it’s just my way to seeing things!

The best thing about the book is the writing. Hard hitting phrases – That seems to be the writers style. Especially the following lines,

“So?” she glared at him. “I shouldn’t feel hungry? I knew what you call my ‘responsibilities’ at a very young age, Rohan. The time you were flying kites. So freaking don’t lecture me about responsibilities. I took my mom for chemo when I was eleven years old. I watched her wither in pain night after night, while doing my homework and getting ready for school. And do you know what happened when my mom died?”

“What?” Rohan whispered. He felt it in his bones that here lay all her pain.

“I felt relieved, Rohan. I fucking felt relieved.”

Silence. Rohan just stood there stumped. Not moving at all.

Those are the kind of words and phrases which hit you squarely on your head when you are least expecting it! Evidently, the writing and editing is crisp. The characterization is near good. Brownie point for the stunning cover (Incidentally designed by a fellow bookworm Flyorie BL)  In short, the book was a thoroughly enjoyable read. It was worth every minute I spent lying awake smack in the middle of the night instead of sleeping or partying  on the New Year night! (Okay, didn’t have company, I would have just slept!)

Note : Thanks to The Book Club and the writer for the review copy.


#173 : My Tryst With Murakami – A Review Of Men Without Women by Haruki Murakami

I’ve been evading reading Murakami for a long time now. My bibliophile friends have tried their best to coax Murakami upon me with little success though. It is a popular opinion that his writing is simple yet complex and soulful. That wouldn’t have made sense if you aren’t a voracious reader.

What exactly quantifies as good writing? The grammar might be all correct and would please a grammar Nazi, but would that suffice as sole parameter to quantify a literary piece as well written? The very definition of good writing is an individual perception. While the whole world seemed to like Arvind Adiga’s – ‘The White Tiger’, but I found it rather mediocre. JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series, in spite of being immensely successful and selling tonnes of copies, has a lot haters. I wrote off Murakami’s work as one such case where the whole world went gaga and I simply didn’t like it. I had attempted to read his  immensely popular work – Norwegian Wood ages ago. I had crossed just a couple of pages and I found his writing simply boring. I ditched the book and forgot all about it, until a conversation with a fellow bibliophile sparked my curiosity again. I scoured Google for his best works to start. I realized, there was no such thing as a best work. On an impulse, I decided to pick – Men Without Women. I’ve always loved reading short stories. I connect well with a small story with crisp characters and a compact story line. This book changed my perception of a typical short story.


The scope for elaborate characterization is practically limited when you wanted to write a 5000 word short story. The reader would end up feeling crammed and overloaded when the character is elaborate. Or so I thought would be the normal case, until I read this book.

This writer solved that problem with ease. He simply built the story around characterization and not the other way around as done typically. The central theme of the stories, as the title suggests, is about men without a women in their life. What happens when that feminine touch is lost? Does he become desolate? Is his balance thrown off? The writer brings out various possible line of thoughts when a man is left without a woman in his life. There are 7 stories, each depicting one line of thought. The characters, all of them, were just regular people, whose vulnerabilities were crux of each story’s plot.

Picking a favorite is next to impossible, but one story that stood out was “Samsa in Love”. The story is set in Prague, Gregor Samsa wakes up with no recollection whatsoever of his life or life in general. A girl who repairs locks visits him, upon the request of his parents who aren’t found in the house that Samsa lives. The setting is mildly dystopian, though the protagonist doesn’t realize this. The story was so unsettling that it rattled me thoroughly. Most of the stories were like that – the kind which would pique your curiosity and you would end up devouring it, but it would rattle you to no end when you are done.

What was more surprising was that this book is a translation from Japanese. I cannot phantom how powerful and emotional his original writing would have been.

I rarely highlight lines when I read. It annoys me to no end when you have to mark something on a beautiful paperback or for that matter color the screen of your kindle. It it were worth remembering, I would remember it. This book was the only exception. There were too many beautiful phrases which I was afraid of forgetting. I ended up highlighting a lot. Below are extracts from the book I loved.

Just thinking about her made him warm inside. No longer did he wish to be a
fish or a sunflower—or anything else, for that matter. For sure, it was a great
inconvenience to have to walk on two legs and wear clothes and eat with a knife
and fork. There were so many things he didn’t know. Yet had he been a fish or a
sunflower, and not a human being, he might never have experienced this emotion.
So he felt.” – Samsa In love.

And once you’ve become Men Without Women, loneliness seeps deep
down inside your body, like a red-wine stain on a pastel carpet. No matter how
many home ec books you study, getting rid of that stain isn’t easy. The stain might
fade a bit over time, but it will still remain, as a stain, until the day you draw your
final breath. It has the right to be a stain, the right to make the occasional, public,
stain-like pronouncement. And you are left to live the rest of your life with the
gradual spread of that color, with that ambiguous outline.” – Men Without Women

Is two days before tomorrow,
The day after two days ago.” –  Yesterday

If nothing else, you should feel grateful for
having been able to spend twenty years of your life with such a person. But the
proposition that we can look into another person’s heart with perfect clarity strikes
me as a fool’s game. I don’t care how well we think we should understand them, or
how much we love them. All it can do is cause us pain. Examining your own heart,
however, is another matter. I think it’s possible to see what’s in there if you work
hard enough at it. So in the end maybe that’s the challenge: to look inside your own
heart as perceptively and seriously as you can, and to make peace with what you
find there. If we hope to truly see another person, we have to start by looking
within ourselves ” – Drive My Car

You can read more about the book (and buy it too) from Goodreads


#171 : Glam Ego Box – A Review

Beauty and me, we share a hate love relationship. My teens virtually passed with me being nose deep into books and nothing else.  In sense, I spent a good part of my teenage years looking like a bumpkin – a loosely worn shirt, fit jeans, artificial ear rings and a mop of unruly hair sans any kind of makeup. My mother never used cosmetics much back then and didn’t encourage us to use them as well. The max we used were lipsticks when we went out for special social gatherings. Skin care meant gram flour and herbs. Coconut was the moisturizer and vaseline was the lip balm.

Stepping in college opened up a new world for me. My friends educated me about the basics of makeup and skin care – The kind of skin care I wasn’t used to. Moisturizers, face-washes, skin care serums, face packs and what not! Using all that meant I had to either spend time at home or hit the parlor. Not that there was something wrong with my regular routine, just that all this seemed effective and excited me initially. I realized that I was no good with applying make up. Make up literally confused me for a long time and still does some times. What shade of foundation do I pick? what’s the right way to apply it? The behind this state was simple – I didn’t care about appearances much. I don’t bother much now also, but I learnt the importance of raising up the occasion.

Fast Forward to adult hood – I had gained enough knowledge and experience. On an impulse (Thanks to tempting Instagram ads) I decided to order a beauty box. I had that sudden urge to be surprised and pampered. The box landed in a couple of days.


The box contained the following products

  1. Bella Voste  Ulti-Matte Lip Crayon
  2. Aroma Magic White Tea and Chamomile Face wash
  3. The Nature’s co – Vanilla Lip Butter
  4. Neemli Green Tea Lip Scrub
  5. Bio Bloom – Hand & Body Lotion.

The packing was perfect barring the Lip Scrub’s lid which seemed to have come off. No damage by it really. The lip crayon was sent randomly as I hadn’t responded to their choice mail. However, no complaints there as I liked that color and don’t own such a color.

Bella Voste Ulti-Matte Lip Crayon – I got the Whipped Caviar Shade. It had a satin-ish matte finish and not the typical matte which I prefer. The shade lasted for about 6 hours sold before I went on to gorge on delicious food! Given that it is in the crayon form, I found it very easy to apply. I normally struggle with regular lipstick application as I don’t really use a lip liner.

Aroma Magic White Tea and Chamomile Face wash – My skin is oily around the T-zone and a bit dry in the rest of the face. I used this face wash just after I came back from office with all the pollution on my face. Post wash, my face felt soft and hydrated and also looked fresh.

Neemli Green Tea Lip Scrub – I didn’t really know of the existence of something called as the lip scrub until I saw the ad for this box. With hesitation, I rubbed a tiny bit of it over my lips and massaged gently. It was obviously granulated. I washed it off and my lips felt smooth. After an hour or so, it was completely soft and felt moist.

The Nature’s co – Vanilla Lip Butter –  The cover over this product looked a bit shady. Not the best lip balm I have used.

Bio Bloom – Hand & Body Lotion – Again, the packaging looks a bit shady and the lotion felt like that of what you would find in a 3 star hotel. Not the best body lotion I’ve used.

There were also a couple of discount cards in the box.

Verdict – The lip crayon, the face wash and the scrub was certainly worth the money I paid!

The box was priced at INR 399 (For one month subscription). You can order yours here – Glam Ego.



100 Days of Blogging · Review

#106 : Day Eighty Seven – A trip to Tirupati

The next trip beckons me already. I just got back from a fun vacation to Mauritius!  After all the enjoyment it was time to thank the lord I suppose! 

Not much to write today but doling out a couple of tips from my experience.

1. Book your rooms well in advance. Thanks to online bookings, no amount of influence will really help. 

2. If you make a trip during december like I did, carry scarves and sweaters. The weather turns silly cold for no reason. Especially if you are from Chennai, that cold isn’t good for you. 

3. Book a pedicure once you are book. My feet looks so sorry right now and I am not even done with the Darshan!