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#161 : A Letter to my Older Self


Okay, starting with a ‘Hi’ sounds so cliche, but what’s life without a bit of cliches! I hope you are doing good and are staying positive. I’m sure you probably have a kid now and don’t have enough time to even think about being positive or any kind of emotion for that matter. Or may be nothing has gone according to the grand plan! Relax, it’s okay. You’ve learnt that lesson the hard way, don’t you remember?

Just refreshing your memory here, your plans after college went astray but you still made a career out of what you got and you kicked at it. A person whom you thought was your soul sister and best friend did cheat you and taunt you for a couple of years. You survived that. You survived living in a village working for a factory which didn’t have a proper restroom at all. You managed to work 10 hours a day, cook, clean and find time to write, all like a boss. You’ve held yourself together well all the time your heart broke piece by piece due to disappointment. It will all be right. Haven’t you learnt from all your lessons? Isn’t that what all life is about?

Listen to music, read that book. Clear off that To-Read pile. You need time for yourself as a person. Kids, work, in-laws, parents, sister, husband – all of them are important, but of them all you are most important. You need that inner strength to prioritize them all. That strength won’t jump from the sky and dive into you. You need to find that yourself. All the negativity that haunted you in your early twenties, you do need those again. Don’t succumb to it. It’s okay if you suck at adult-ing. Do you seriously think others are great? Your 26 year old self doesn’t think so. When in doubt, open this damn post and read. Yeah. Save the link, bookmark it, etch it off somewhere and remember to read it. You will surely need this kind of self motivation. Remember, you aren’t the type to be motivated externally. You need that internal drive. All would be well if you don’t cave in to the pressures of the mortal world, but if you do, please cheer yourself up. Motivate yourself. Doesn’t matter if shit hits the roof, you can always escape via the basement or something. There is always a way in the end. Just that you need to wade through the shit pile.

Remember, Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.

With love,

Your 26 year old self who is not great at anything or doesn’t believe in catching up with the world!

PS. On Day 5 of  The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6 




13 thoughts on “#161 : A Letter to my Older Self

  1. I think it’s good to write to our older self – somewhere within us lurks that person and he/she will have ‘dreams’ about their younger version writing a letter to them. It can be a life-learning guide as well as hindsight. Nicely written!


  2. I wrote something similar! And your life sounds so much like mine-be it the 10 hours at work, cleaning,cooking writing- that’s my current routine or the part about the best friend! . I loved this letter!


  3. Bravo to the 26 year old you who doesn’t believe in catching up with the world because this means that you are going to carve your own space at your own pace. It might appear you are slow as against others but being steady is more important. My favourite line in the post is – ‘Doesn’t matter if shit hits the roof, you can always escape via the basement or something.’ It is imperative to know that not every battle is worth fighting. Many a times, valiance is in letting go.
    I am sure your older self will be proud of the journey you have been on.


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