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#160 : A Day-Dream

I woke up with a start as I heard the sound of footsteps. I peeped out of the slightly ajar door. Sigh. It’s just mom moving around, making sure we all get our morning fix of caffeine. If only I can sleep without waking up at the slightest sign of disturbance. How does she sleep so well? That sleepy head sister of mine!

It’s so cold! Why does she have to sleep with the AC In full blast yet snuggle inside that big piece of cloth. Can’t she turn down the AC or something? I thought that could be done. Would be a good idea to go snuggle next to her then.


I woke up with a start again. What was that noise? Looks like some one is at the door. I ought to go stand next to mom! I jumped out of the bed and walked towards the door.


That sound again! But hey, I think it’s coming off from beneath the bed. Ah! Must be the black thing that she caries around all day. Just as I dive under, my sister flings her hand down to retrieve it. I should probably check it out later, that device needs to be scrutinized!

She wakes up and stretches out and smiles at me. Ah! It feels all warm and fuzzy when she gives me one of her sleepy smiles! She swings her long legs down to come kiss me as I return her kiss sloppy! I lick her all over. She rubs my fluffy mane and frowns slightly. Oh no! She is probably thinking of dumping me in the shower! She lifts me gently and carries me to the living room. I love it when she does that! It’s time for our morning fix of coffee. Hey wait! Is that the smell of potato being cooked! Yaay, what a treat it is going to be for food today!


Trrrrrrrrrrrrring came on the alarm sound! The clock read 5.45 AM and I woke up from the dream. It had all been a dream. How I wish I had a dog whom I could pet as soon as I woke up! I’ve wanted to own a dog ever since I was in class 3. Practical difficulties continue to prevent me from adopting one. Owing a dog is like day dreaming to me. It can’t possibly become a reality.

PS. On Day 4 of  The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6 



21 thoughts on “#160 : A Day-Dream

  1. Adorable. Too adorable. This was quite creative of you for the prompt. Being a dog in a dream is another kind of imagination 😀 I had a pet dog for 4 years when I was still in school and it was clearly the best time of my childhood. He was not a regular dog who would take orders from us. He was a spoilt brat who competed with me and my brother as much as a sibling but we still loved him a lot. May your dream of owning a pet dog becomes a reality soon.


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