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#158 : Apple-d! #writebravely

Having had the harrowing experience of being mugged and my phone being snatched from me, I vehemently objected the suggestion of buying a smart phone again. I owned a shiny grey Apple 6S, which was snatched from me by two college kids speeding away on a bike. Given that my wedding was approaching around the time of this incident, my phone held many photographs – all samples of saris and what not.  Most importantly, it held a zillion contacts and an elaborate to-do list. The pictures were all quite private in nature, I dreaded misuse. That’s when the security features of Apple came into play. Thankfully, I had enabled the “Find my iPhone” option. What surprised me the most was this – I had blocked my SIM as soon as the phone was snatched. The phone was password protected (fingerprint too). However, around 12 AM, the  as culprits had managed to connect to the internet. Bang and the phone wiped itself off! I had logged in from iCloud and set to erase the phone. All my data on the phone was wiped off. Or so I believe from the status on iCloud. I’ve filed an FIR and nothing has really happened.


Days later after my parents insisted that I was being utterly foolish to not buy a smart phone again and after much persuasion, I agreed to use my dad’s phone – which was again an Apple. He blanked out the phone before giving it to me and I connected it to my Apple ID and voila! All my photos, contacts and lists – everything from the old phone was back on. This is what the whole incident taught me,

  1. Using a mobile is inevitable, but not being too dependent on it is a choice. I switched back to good old paper list and contacts being noted down on a diary.
  2. Being extra careful doesn’t hurt. I never use my phone when on the road, but that day was an exception and it costed me dearly.
  3. Backup is the key – Thanks to my nature work, the concept of backing up digital stuff is something which has been drilled into me. I had backed up my phone just a day before it was stolen from me. Not much of a data loss.
  4. Watch what you store, especially if you are a woman – I had tonnes of pictures of me with my friends. That would have been a treasure trove for perverts to misuse. Thank god for the thoughtful engineers at Apple to have incorporated the remote wipe feature.
  5. NO. This is not an advertisement for Apple phones. Just that mine helped me.

PS. On Day 2 of the Write Tribe Festival of Words #6 





17 thoughts on “#158 : Apple-d! #writebravely

  1. Wow! This is an eye-opener for the tech-challenged me. I don’t have too much stuff on my phone most of the times and I regular transfer images to my hard disk the old fashioned way. I am glad to note that the Apple phone has such helpful features. Looks like I’ll be getting an Apple for the apple of my eyes – my daughter who’s been pestering me to get her one!


  2. Apple for sure has made everything smart. I am so sorry you had to grow through this but glad that you were able to sort out the matter quickly. I didn’t know you can clear out the phone just like that. That’s very handy. Thanks for sharing your story. This is a very informative post.


  3. During the three years of college out of four, I lost 3 mobiles. All because of my carelessness. After that I make sure, I have my contacts, pictures and all data backed up. These days, when we literally live in my phones, it is such a hue pain to lose them.


  4. My heart was panting while reading your experience. Thank heavens you found everything back!! I was an Apple girl until I couldn”t afford to upgrade to a newer better version. So settled for a Samsung. Great read!


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