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#153 : The Child – Short Story – Part 2

“Oh ssssshit! Whatttttt have I done. What aan idiot!” swore Anusha as she swung her long legs out of the driver seat. Her speech slurred enough to make one realised that she was drunk to boot. She stumbled out of the car and wobbled towards the bumper to check the damage. A man with killer looks stood there glaring at her. He looked important. He looked like Rishi. The love of her life. She corrected herself mentally. He wasn’t the love of her life anymore. Heck, he wasn’t even alive any more. He had to go get himself killed all out of anger after a rather silly argument. She noticed his watch. It looked an expensive Rado – Like the same one Rishi wore. She tried focusing on the details of his looks only to have her head explode with pain. She felt like being pricked at once by a thousand pine needles. She rubbed her head vigorously. Bitter memories of that final argument flooded her head. He wanted to have kids. After 9 years of being married and having decided not to have kids, his sudden want for “that child” was strange. As long as she could remember he hated kids. Thinking of it now, the very phrase he used seemed really strange. “Child”? Weren’t they called babies or kids at this stage. He was a writer, a successful one at that too. His choice of words were always perfect, but when he had repeated that phrase of “wanting to have that child” seemed so uncharacteristic of him. His father had chucked him out of their ancestral house and his business for marrying her. For marrying a woman who was an orphan. An orphan who didn’t want kids and was a painter. Rishi had stood by her like a rock, but that day, when he drove away in anger after the argument, it didn’t feel like he was the same man who stood with her thick and thin. He seemed possessed. She wasn’t convinced of his death as well. Apparently, he had died out of the shock of the crash, rather than by the impact.

The man from the car had stepped down and was inspecting the damage.

“Don’t you have eyes?! Can’t you see that I’m reversing the car?” he shouted at her.

“Lookkkkk misster. I am sorry. I just lost controllll. Send me the bill, I will paayyyy it” she replied, wagging a finger at him.

“Just what I need! Drunk to the brim are we. Look mam, I need this to report this to the cops. Drinking and driving is a serious offence. You just caused and accident. What if this had happened on the road.” he said as he pulled out his phone to call the cops.

“Okay, yes I am drunk. I know it’s an offence to drive at this state, but quit lecturing me okay. What’s your problem when I’m ready to foot your mechanic bill.” she replied this time a bit steadily. The word “cop” had evidently had an effect on her.

“Being arrogant are we. Have it your way. If you step on to the car and drive again for the night, be assured that you would be counting bars within minutes. No. this is not a threat.” he replied.

“Oh then, who is going to drop me home? The car can’t drive itself you know?!” she replied, shivering slightly.

“Ha. You must have thought of this before you drank away that last bottle you know” he replied in a mocking tone.

“Enough. Take my phone, store your contact, give yourself a call from it, call me tomorrow to settle your bill. Thanks grandpa, for your free advice!” she replied coolly before wobbling back to the car.

He pulled her hand before she took one step. “Grandpa my foot! You aren’t driving! Get into my car, I will drop” he said, taking a step closer to her while twisting her arm slightly.  She frowned slightly and gave into to his threat. It didn’t hurt to have a driver drive her home. Her head was killing her.

She went locked her car and got into the front seat of his car and buckled herself. He sighed and followed suit. He moved the car and drove on to the highway.

PS. Last part, coming out tomorrow! See, I keep up promises! You can read Part 1 – Here. 


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