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#152 : The Child – Short Story – Part 1


A man clothed in a form fitting suit walked up to the black BMW parked on the rear side of a swanky metallic building. With broad shoulders, and salt n’ pepper hair, he looked like George Clooney’s identical twin He walked and looked like he owned the place. There was a certain swag and arrogance to his demeanor. Of course, he owned the place. The swanky building was the R&D center of the food company he owned. He eased the vehicle out from the parking and sped off, climbing on to the highway. He glanced at the watch – a beautiful black metal Rado gifted by Rini. That watch was a constant reminder of his failure, of his loss. He wanted it to experience that pain. It felt like being stabbed with a sharp knife and twisted many times over. He could have easily junked the watch along with all her other belongings when she died, but he didn’t have the heart to. It was her gift for their first wedding anniversary. She had saved up money from the wedding expenses and had planned buying this watch for him. Afterall, for her, it was worth buying this unique piece of beauty than buying a trousseau worth a couple of lakhs. She loved wearing it as well. He loved it when she paired it with a black Jean, that precious Jimmy Cho boots and the hot pink shirt. He sighed and drove on, remembering tiny details about her. That small mole on her lower jaw, her flowery yet mild perfumer, that apple-mint smell of her after she washed it with her favorite shampoo. He clenched his teeth and tightened his grip on the wheel as he pulled into a brightly lit parking lot of a wedding hall.  Memories of his own wedding flooded him, making his mouth twitch slightly. He stopped the car and shut his eyes before going on to park the car perfectly. She had taught him to Parallel Park perfectly. He hated weddings more since her death, but he didn’t have much of a choice today as it was his business partner and friend, Ravi’s son’s wedding.

He managed to escape finally around mid-night. He felt hot and humid after all that dancing and food. He removed his coat and swung it casually, walking towards his car. He missed her badly today. His mind seemed to be on a rewind mode, playing back to back memories of each and every millisecond he spent with her. He wished they parted on a better note. She had wanted a divorce, just hours before she died. Two weeks into argument about the baby and she wanted to throw away an 8 year old relationship. They had agreed not to have kids. One night she had come back from a party, wanted to have baby. “There was an undying want to have the child” to be precise. That’s the phrase she used. The phrase seemed odd and he couldn’t put his finger on what was wrong with it. Back then, when they fought, it didn’t occur to him that there was something strange about it. Thinking of it today and again and again, there was definitely something absurd with that statement. Rini was a very straight forward person. She spoke her mind and had no qualms doning it. It was uncharacteristic of her to want something this badly in a short time and argue fiercely without a logical backing. Then she went mad, wanted a divorce.  Ultimately, they had a big showdown. She furiously left the house, driving away in her Mini and crashed. She died on the spot due to shock and a trauma to the brain. The accident, the argument, the divorce – all felt very fishy. Something was majorly off shot. The Mini couldn’t have crashed. Or at least that’s what he felt. He shook his head again out of habit. He did that when he was confused or tensed. Aging was inducing paranoia, he reasoned.

He reversed the car patiently and bang! Another black car had sped towards his car and hit from behind!

PS. I have the conclusion already thought out! So I’m hoping to finish the story by day after! Please do leave a comment if you like what you are reading! 


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