100 Days of Blogging

#117 : Day Ninety Eight – What do I write about?

I’ve blogged about everything under the moon, posted photos and bored people to death for ninety seven days straight. Today, I’ve been officially hit by writer’s block. I started writing a story to be posted today. I hadn’t finished what I started the other day (The Note). Sadly, I stopped after writing first three words. I badly wanted to finish the story today. I hate living things incomplete and this story has been left hanging for a long time now. So I decided to tackle things the only way I know to, break it up into parts and make a list. A list is what always gets me out of a rut. I have thrown away enough papers with little lists. My work laptop has lists plastered over the desktop digitally. I can’t live without them. Here is the list I made to complete the story,

  1. Althaf’s death – Proven suicide – Look for angles to convert into a murder
  2. Chronicle Althaf’s life before suicide – Clues leading to murder
  3. Bring in two negative characters
  4. Prove one to be real negative
  5. Darn it!

Evidently, a story cannot be made into a list. Dear block, it’s high time you went away and let me complete what I started.



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