100 Days of Blogging

#103 : Day Eighty Four – Braving Tiredness! 

Wait for 6 hours to catch your flight, travel in a cramped economy class for 5.45 hours with a wailing baby giving you company and then ride a bus for 2 hours before reaching the hotel – That’s how my vacation kicked off. Oh I forgot, the airline decided that they would still serve what was supposed to be our breakfast for lunch. By the time I reached my friend’s place for dinner, my stomach was growling in hunger with DTS effect to boot! 

Obviously tiredness was an unwelcome company. The next day, I had a packed day in the beautiful beaches of Mauritius. I had to stay fresh. 

Sleep, water and fruits – these helped me recover perfectly! The water however is horrible and doesn’t taste like what it’s back home. I didn’t feel thirsty though! 

Thankfully, this country is famous for it fruits. Litchi, Peaches, Pineapple and water melon – I had whale of a time gobbling down just fruits, flavoured Yoghurt and juice for breakfast. 

Thus if you are too tired to know the difference between water and vodka – eat fruits and drink water. 

Errrrr…. that above statement doesn’t apply if you have already drunk something more than just water! 

PS. Sigh! My internet is still pathetic. Unable to upload beautiful pictures I’ve clicked! 


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