100 Days of Blogging

#101 : Day Eighty Two – The Mauritian food! 

The common trouble for any Indian travelling abroad is our food. Especially for Vegetarians it’s just too difficult to get good food. 

Needless to even mention, the food on board my flight was pathetic. We were served with Indian food which tasted so bland! They severed us breakfast in place of lunch due to the delay! 

Thanks to my new found Mauritian pal, Aria, who hosted a perfect dinner which satiated my hunger and my taste buds, that hunger pang vanished. Her family is of Indian origin and have settled down in Mauritius. So their food has a perfect balance of Indian spices and Mauritian flavours. They served us a well balanced fried noodle with tofu, greens and peanut accompanied with a seasoned garlic sauce and cut tomatoes. It was a different flavour and I hope to replicate it some day! 

Today, we spent the day on the beautiful beaches of Ille Aux Cerf. We got to sample a local wood fired pizza which was worth every penny spent! Singing off now Talking about food has made me hungry already and it’s dinner time here!

PS. pictures to follow! Poor internet connectivity!  


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