100 Days of Blogging

#100 – Day Eighty One – Mauritius! 

Yay! After a four hour wait at the airport post a devastating storm and a horribly delayed flight, I’ve touched down in Mauritius with my husband for a short vacation. 

Morning when my dad left us at the airport with half a heart to go back home, I felt sad. The prospect of a proper vacation looked bleak thanks to cyclone Vardah! Fate had its away and our flight took off after a delay of 5 hours! The crew on board were extremely nice. Particularly the French Gentleman who took care of our aisle was so warm and funny! 

After we touched down and customs cleared us through, our tour operator shipped us off in a coach to our hotel, which is located in the north most tip of the island! Our friend, a warm and friendly native Mauritiuan took us to her house for a hearty meal which consisted of fried noodle cooked with tofu and greens, served with garlic sauce and tomato salad. Her family welcomed us in so warmly that it didn’t feel like I wasn’t in Mauritius! 

Thanks to poor internet, I unable to upload pictures! Stay tuned for that! Till then, bonne nuit! 


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