100 Days of Blogging

#85 : Day Sixty Six – Manmohini Morey! 

Day 28 into ARR fever, today’s number is a truly mind blowing one. 

Sung by the extremely talented singer Vijay Prakash, this song has a Classical-Gazhal undertone. Combined with modern music, this song is an absolutly divine! 

Starring Anil Kapoor and Salman Khan, the visuals seem a wee bit silly for a song of such a caliber. Having not watched the movie I might have overlooked the impact of context, but that doesn’t really justify as to why the visuals seem so distasteful shot. 

Being a musical, Rahman seems to have poured his soul and sweat to ensure that all tracks are artistically appealing. In fact I debated a good one hour before deciding upon this song. Its simply too hard to pick between Tu Meri Dost, Tu Muskura and this number! 

Given a choice I’d pick all three. So the song for today is not just this track but all three. For ARR’s music it’s okay to cheat a bit 😂😜


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