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#69 : Day Fifty – Thoda Thoda Malarndhadhu enna! Thoda Thoda Pyaar Ho gaya!

Day 12 of the ARR fever and yet another permanent song from my play list.

Rendered by  legend singers Dr.SP. Balasubramaniam and Ms.K.S.Chitra, this song is way too good. With beautiful interludes set appropriately for a village backdrop, this song leaves the listener feeling blissful. The song actually begins with beautiful birds chirping away!The lyrics, the interludes and the visualization convey innocence and the feeling of being in love for a long time so beautifully. Needless to mention, the lead actors Arvind Swamy (*drools*) and Anu Hasan have done a wonderful job of giving life to the lyricist Vairamuthu’s words.

The Hindi version is a real surprise. There are two versions actually, one sung by singer Hariharan while the other by the original Tamil singer, Dr.SPB. The official sound track features SPB sir’s track. Apparently, he was so moved by the tune that he wanted to sing the Hindi version too while ARR had already recorded it with Hariharan. That version was released separately.

Here is the Hindi version by Hariharan,

Today, I ended up listening to both the versions back to back. It was totally surprising to note the change of emotions that both the tracks conveyed. The tune is the same, the lyrics are the same, but when the singers differ, there is distinction is modulation that each singer brings in. While Dr.SPB  version oozes  of a spectrum of innocence to mature form of love, Hariharan version conveys the feeling of young seductive love.

Did you notice any such difference? Would love to listen to your thoughts!

PS. It’s 50th day of my 100 days of blogging challenge. Not bad. Not bad at all. I didn’t miss a single day! Hoping to hit century.


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