100 Days of Blogging

#63 : Day Forty Five – Nila Kaigirathu

Day 6 into ARR fever blog, the song featured today is simply breathtaking.

Starring the insanely dapper actor Arvind Swamy and actress Anu hasan, this movie album has a number of wonderful tracks. This very song has a female version sung by the Singer Harini. Surprisingly, that version of the song is actually the popular one. However, the male version sung by Hariharan is my favorite. That man I tell you, he is god’s gift. His voice, that husky-silky texture, one can probably listen to him sing all the day. The added bonus of the song, apart from the mind blowing rendition and incredible classical tune, are the visuals. Arvind Swamy’s expression of sadness and that longing reciprocated by Anu Hasan with regret and sorrow is too good.

*Note to self – quit drooling at Arvind Swamy, you have a write up to finish and tonnes of work to do*

The audio of this particular video is pathetic, but for Arvind Swamy, it’s worth a watch. Plug in those headphones I say!

I recently stumbled upon an unplugged version of the song by singer Sid Sriram which is can’t be compared to the original, but is certainly too good!


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