100 Days of Blogging

#61 : Day Forty Two – Theeyil Vizhundha Thaena

Day 3 of ARR fever and I picked this song. An unusual choice it may seem, but I picked this song for the emotions and voice of the singer of this song – The master himself. With insanely high pitching and choking emotions, this song can melt even a stone.

Bringing in mother sentiment is a sure shot way to garner attention when it comes to Tamil movies. Till this song was released, there was just one song which was really famous and associated with the mother sentiment – Amma entrazhaikkaatha – the song featuring Rajanikant as the devoted son carrying around his mother and singing the song. This song came along and the attention shifted. Of course, that gem of a composition by maestro Ilayaraja can never be matched, but this song sure gives a tough competition.

The visuals sure are touching, but the emotions are simply out of the world. I wanted to weep and wail badly the first time I listened to this song. That voice quality is magnificent. Especially that part when when he says the word (at around 3.04) Amma, that expression oozes melancholy. Every single time I listen to this, I can’t really recover for a while. I’ve not chanced upon a live version of this song. I suppose this is way too difficult and depressing to perform live.


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