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#28 : Day Eleven – HaikuJAM App

On a break from navarathri posts today! In mood for something creative today!

via HaikuJam, though monday is already gone!

After attending the Haiku workshop last month, I’ve been sincerely trying to string words just for the fun of it. I don’t know if I am correct syntax wise and semantically too, but I find the word play alluring.

HaikuJAM is one quirky and perfect app I discovered during my post workshop research about the topic. The app basically brings together people from all over the world to Jam and come up with a Haiku.

Three uses each write one sentence to complete the Haiku. The app limits the users to type in 5-7-5 words. The app also has brilliant features like photo Jam and allows users to use a photo (to be uploaded) as an inspiration.

The app also allows you to share the Haiku (like above) via whatsapp, message, twitter and Facebook if you have configured it!

Happy Jamming!


6 thoughts on “#28 : Day Eleven – HaikuJAM App

  1. Yes Janani, Haikujam is definitely a good app indeed but it’s addictive 🙂 For me, it distracts me from my other writing. Should I call it distraction or practice? I don’t understand. But it’s a great app for aspiring writers. It keeps the creative juices flowing.


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