100 Days of Blogging

#27 : Day Ten – Navarathri Special – Golu Hopping

The weekend has become the unofficial time earmarked to go golu hopping, thanks to hectic and mechanized routine of the weekdays.There used to be a time when me and my sister visited Golus every other day and collected all girly return gifts.  Decking up in finery daily back then was so much fun. Now, the prospect of dolling up and stepping out of home seems tiring. Yet, today, I managed to go visit a Golu exhibit, all decked up and painted in.

Signing off with some shots of that beautiful exhibit. Apologies, I’m dead tired to type out the experience of this Golu and describing it in detail, after all, gorging on a Typical South Indian High Tea fare –  Sundal, Bonda, Sevai, Chutney, Chips, Morekuzhambu, Jaangri and Dosai – can send one to deep slumber.

Oh god! Dear workouts, go easy on me tomorrow will you? It’s festival season and I can’t say no to good food can I?

Traditional Step Golu Exhibit. That tanjore painting looks absolutely sublime doesn’t it?
Roads? Houses? 
Jute dolls. Aren’t those super pretty?
Park? Village? Vegetable Patch?
Temple. Elephant procession. 
My favorite exhibit – The cloth and vessel shop – Isn’t the detailing spot on? A fascinating set up indeed!

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